It takes almost upto a year to plan an Indian wedding. With the various ceremonies and logistical planning we tend to overlook the comfort of our guests. No doubt we accommodate them and are extremely hospitable but it’s nearly impossible to manage both the wedding nitty-gritties and the comfort of our guests.

Here’s how you can add extra comfort for your guests without you personally hosting them 24/7

1. Personalised Hampers

For all your out-of-town guests it is a great idea to have personalised hampers in each room. The hamper can contain the following items :
-the wedding events with timings and their venues.
-A list of local attractions that they can visit in their leisure time if they wish to.
– A list of restaurants/bars that serve authentic food of that locality.
– The city’s ultimate shopping experience.
– Some assorted cookies, chocolates and emergency medicines.

2. Hospitality Lounge

A 24/7 hospitality lounge allowing the guests to unwind after the wedding events serving high tea/coffee with some quick bites will add extra comfort to your wedding week.

3. Interactive sessions

Organise some interactive sessions for the wedding week such as tarot card and palm readers to keep the guests entertained. This can be combined with magicians and illusionists to amuse the children.

4. Accessories for the women and young girls

You can add a designated booth filled with flower bands, maang tikas, glitter, bangles and bindis for the women/girls attending the wedding.

5. Designated tray holders and dancing shoes for sangeet

The sangeet night is one of the most anticipated nights by the guests as it’s a night filled with fun, frolic and laughter. It’s also uneasy to take care of personal belongings on the dance floor as well as dance in high heels. A designated tray holder for the guest table along with dancing shoes will ease the comfort for the guests and it can be well assured that they will enjoy the sangeeth night to the fullest.

So here are 5 unique ways to add some extra comfort for your guests and enhance the wedding experience for them allowing us to live upto the Indian saying “Atithi devo bhava”.